The Republic of Georgia – just the other side of Europe! Part 1

Here is what Paul Groman with Pisa Brothers@Worldview Travel in New York says about his recent visit to Georgia on AGTG’s Fam Tour.

Forgotten and obscured by seventy years of Soviet domination, this small country of just over four million is accelerating to join the modern, world of tourism.  Its spectacular natural resources beckon from the soaring Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in the north, the stunningly bucolic vineyards in the Kakheti Valley in the east and a stunning revival of a 19th C. seaside resort’s indulgences and fantasy architecture in Batumi on the Black Sea and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Georgia is an eager, youthful nation with first class and deluxe accommodations, dramatic, photogenic destinations and vineyards, of course, and intriguing recommendations for sites that include haunting Byzantine churches, achingly stunning mountain vistas, eerie touches of more recent history (the Stalin Museum in Gori) special sites (can you imagine a wine storage and a tasting room in a 1.2 kilometer long bunker bored into a mountain side by the Soviets fearful of a nuclear attack?)

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