The Republic of Georgia – just the other side of Europe! Part 2

More observations from Paul Groman with Pisa Brothers@Worldview Travel in New York about his recent visit to Georgia on AGTG’s Fam Tour.

Handling the detailed arrangements for my all-inclusive tour was AGTG, the American Georgian Travel Group led by Rick Herrington, CEO and President of this ambitious new venture.  Those us of on this introductory considered this a tour to an exotic destination. Working with a staff of talented and knowledgeable Georgians headquartered in Tbilisi, the country’s dynamic capital, the AGTG team selected exemplary hotels in the big cities and the best available timbered, more-rustic hotels and inns in the countryside; specialty restaurants with an eye toward their charming atmosphere which ranged from cozy cellar boites to extravagant riverside locales, hearty and fulfilling native (best called contemporary (“peasant”) cuisine, samplings of the country’s new emerging red and white wine production and with a bit of luck, plied with “chacha”, their potent national version of grappa!

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