GEORGIA: 8,000 Vintages

Wine tasting in Khaketi

Wine is the symbol of Georgian identity and there is no occasion that’s complete without wine. By far the most picturesque vineyards are in Kakheti in Eastern Georgia. I’ve been to my share of vineyards and wine tastings in Virginia (yes Virginia) and California, but the vineyards in this region of Georgia are unforgettable. One can sip a glass of Saperavi (red grape variety) and be taken in with the color and depth of the wine. Enjoy a glass of crisp dry white wine like Kakhuri Mtsvane with oven baked bread (no crackers please), sulguni cheese and a fresh off the vine cucumber and tomato salad with herbs while taking in the mountain vista and valleys brings out the best.   Before you know it, others will join you and strangers become friends before too long. That’s what Georgian wine does – welcomes you like a long lost friend. Oh and by the way, Georgia’s ancient method of winemaking dates back 8,000 years!

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